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An Internet Driven® Suite of Products for Managing Facility Maintenance

Our Internet Driven® system (patent pending) provides a fast, efficient, integrated suite of tools to manage maintenance requests and preventive maintenance for your facilities or properties. Landport is a proven system to manage the current ad-hoc, often frustrating, communication methods like phone, voice mail, email or paper-driven messages. 

We estimate that using Landport to manage and track your maintenance requests online could save managers at least 5 hours a week in problem resolution.  This gives facility management professionals a competitive edge. Tenants and Vendors also save time & money too! 

Q: What is Landport?
A: It is an easy to use, Internet Driven® solution (Patent Pending) for managing facilities, property and services.  It enables tenants, employees, residents or owners to submit maintenance requests via a secure website customized for their particular location.  Service providers can track all their client requests electronically.

Property or facility managers (or service providers) are notified according to their personal preferences, e.g., email, text message, etc., and then quickly and securely log-in to review details.   They then compose work orders and solicit proposals from one or more preferred service vendors, who are also notified according to personal preferences upon solicitation.

Vendors then respond with online bids and/or service schedules, and once the work is completed and approved, may submit electronic invoices.

Q: How does it work ?
A: Landport manages the entire workflow from start to finish, providing everyone involved with the most up-to-date status at a glance via our: Live WirelessTM instant notification technology.  Benefits include:  

• Optimizing and streamlining management of service requests
• Reducing the time needed to administer requests
• Automatically organizing and recording all activities
• Procuring and reviewing competitive bids online
• Enhancing communication between tenants, employees, residents,
   owners and service vendors

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Q: What if I don't have a website?
A: Landport can build you a "Tenant Handbook" website containing the Landport login as well as valuable information for your tenants. We partner with a professional web design company to proivide you with your very own custom website.


Landport delivers the right information
to the right people
at the right time




Status at a Glance shows all info on pending service requests ergomically arranged on secure home page

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Instant Notification of all new service requests and any changes in status of incident via web, email, pager, fax, wireless PDA, etc. check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Progress Reports listing all messages such as schedules, outstanding bids, extenuating circumstances, etc. check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Request for Proposals enables managers to submit service specs to, and receive bids from multiple vendors   check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Preventive Maintenance
enables managers & vendors to schedule & review reoccurring maintenance tasks
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Visitor Management
enables easy check-in/out, badge printing in calendar format
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Resource Scheduler
enables any shared conference rooms, equipment, etc. to be scheduled
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Asset Management
enables managers to see cost per unit area per building
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Warranty Management
enables managers & vendors to track warranty expiration & receive automatic renewal reminders
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Fast Track Requests allows managers to define automated request routing to vendors for rapid response   check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Electronic Building Logs enable all service request to be quickly reviewed & sorted by date, vendor, service, etc.   check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Operational Analysis gives detailed reports on vendor cost, on-time & bidding performance, and customer satisfaction   check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Scalable Enterprise Solution enables data to be shared company-wide from many locations by the appropriate users.   check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)
Tenant Handbook Website is an optional way to increase communication with your tenants check.GIF (888 bytes) check.GIF (888 bytes)  



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