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Landport provides an Internet Driven system that reduces the amount of time spent, and hence the frustration of playing phone tag by managers, vendors and tenants/office personnel when reporting and solving building repair & maintenance problems. Landport's goal is to enable property & facility managers to provide more timely, higher quality service and thus improve tenant retention and gross revenue and/or high levels of employee satisfaction. Furthermore, the Landport database becomes an important tool for property & facility managers to evaluate properties and service providers.

Building occupants and service vendors also benefit from the improved efficiency and faster resolution time.

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Landport Sales: 
Jeff Langner (925) 949-7693

or [email protected]

Corporate Headquarters

Please send all correspondence to:
Landport Systems, Inc.
PO Box 610591
San Jose, CA  95161

Main: (408) 985-8800
FAX: (408) 904-4588
[email protected]






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